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Alt 10.03.2013, 13:13
alprazolam alprazolam ist derzeit abgemeldet
neu hier
Dabei seit: Mar 2013 - Wohnort: 10100 n/a
Alfa Romeo: Giulietta jtdm TCT
My test of Giulietta Quadrifoglio verde


This article and related video and photos have been written in accordance with the Italian traffic laws. Any quotes and audio-visual materials relating to road speed may be the result of dramatization and use of photo and video editing techniques. The text has been translated from Italian.

Last night I just went out for a Drive and this was the first time since many years.

Of course, I went out at night several times, maybe for work or during weekends to have dinner with friends, but for a long time I haven't gone out alone, late in the night, with the desire to drive only for the fun of doing it. Last night I rediscovered a lot of feelings of my youth, when I got my driving license: evenings out with friends, my first car, returning home late, driving fully concentrated on my car.

That kind of fun is possible only if you have the right car: fast, challenging, exciting. Try with a Fiat Panda and you'll soon realize it's not the same, because the transgressive part is missing: speed and power. The night is always transgression. And I, tonight, I have got a car with all the features I need, a Giulietta with 240 horsepower. Tonight's car is white and spotless, it draws attention, so low and aggressive.

With a powerful car I can feel a real road dominator even if I do not need to prove it. I could engage a race with others, go fast, make the passers-by turn around for the "bang" of my exhaust when I shift gear. I'm able to do it and that's enough for me. Tonight, however, I do not promise to behave. With such a powerful car there will be no arrogant turbodiesel that can hold me own, no SUV fighting to pass, no small hot hatches challenging me. This Giulietta struggles to keep a low profile in the street because of that little white shield with a green cloverleaf on it. It shouts "I win, I win, I win!"
I like it, I feel free.

I start my journey in a cold and dry weather with a steady wind blowing since hours. Today was hot and we are all hoping that spring is coming at last. Our hilly landscape in wintertime, here in Torino, doesn't inspire joy with all those dead tree branches and tonight the wind only makes everythingt more rarefied and cold. But I'm happy and I feel that my aimless wandering will be good for my spirit.

If you have never driven in Turin area you surely do not know its famous “corsi” (boulevards). They are long adn straight, often bordered with trees: traffic lights, after 23,00, are yellow flashing and roundabouts are rare. These “corsi” induce a smooth and fast driving with slow zigzags between lanes to pass the rare cars that venture so late on a cold night of February. The big trees that trace the road have not yet been pruned this season and move under the street lamps projecting thin figures alive on the ground.

I like it, I feel free.

If you are in for serious driving, go for the hills. We can open a new chapter about driving on hilly roads. It's the ultimate test for a car (and it’s driver), not like those boring straights of the Pianura Padana valley where the best of fun is to meet a roundabout. Here the bends are natural, not drawn by a surveyor's computer. Sharp bends or fast bends, rough asphalt or smooth concrete, different visibility, variable width. An entire collection of curves that the designers of F1 traks should come and study. In addition, winter brings us another pleasant variable: the tarmac conditions. Some corners are facing north and therefore can be iced during great part of the day, others are always slippery due to salt and glycol scattered by de-icing vehicles, others are made of quite porous asphalt and they are so grippy that you think they can never let you down. You'd better know those bends, you must “smell” them, you must understand when a slippery surface is approaching. I'm supposed to be seldom wrong after so many years of training. On the other hand if I'm wrong....

I like it, I feel free.

My Blue&Me music is still off: even better, I have more time to think. The Alfa Romeo I'm driving is the "last "one.The last chronologically, the last Alfa Romeo designed entirely in Italy, the last model of Alfa Romeo in production, apart from some remnant of the past and some make-up of Fiat models. It is also the fastest Italian car in the catalog (speaking of mass production). Mamma mia! , so many records! I'm driving a piece of history. And the badge on the fender reminds me how special is this car.

Meanwhile, I see a crowd of young people standing in front of a venue. For sure a trendy nightclub with door policy. Tonight I do not have to undergo door policy, tonight I'm not going to listen to live music, the hiss of my turbo is enough, tonight I do not have to queue.

I take one of the long "corsi" that run through the city. The Giulietta Qv moves at ease with the manettino in N. You can feel the torque rush, since 1800 rpm and then accompaning you throughout the entire rev range. I do not feel kicks but a gentle progression. The road runs off fast as well as the gears, from first to sixth, in a glimpse. The comfort is great for a car with 240 horsepower, suspension copy well the asphalt without transmitting excessive shocks except in the deeper pot holes, the noise is muffled and never intrusive. I feel even cocooned by the red leather seats. But one aspect of the Qv I cannot stand is the clutch: with its long throw and its slow and old style feeling it doesn't pair with the rest of the mechanic. Gearbox is not an example of virtue too thanks to the clumsy and long action. And, by the way, the lever knob is far too big and slippery.

I'm not in the mood for downtown now, I prefer some of the most striking suburbs. I'm not in the mood for meeting people coming out of the disco and blocking the streets with their slow driving. It's time to put some music on, something right for this sensational atmosphere: a good moment for "Trentemoeller". Music is pumping and I can feel the rhythm while driving where cars are not allowed, along the river Po.

Whores, a couple with the dog, transexuals, a chap training for the marathon, misfits, a black man, two Chinese boys, no policemen, kiosks closed till summer, a stray dog, the medieval village and then the Valentino castle, a car, then no cars, a LED lamp post, the botanical garden, the hiss of my turbo under the gallery, anarchist posters, myself stopping to take a picture to those posters, my Giulietta screeching, people watching in alarm, Turin Exhibition compound abandoned, the headquarters of "la Stampa" abandoned, a bike I was about to hit, bottles of beer on the pavement, Ijumpalightbecausetherewasnobodyaround, the city again.

Halfway "Corso Unita' d'Italia" there is a very large roundabout looking like a skidpad. It's usually very crouded. Not tonight. The Qv chassis is not very different from the others Giulietta but I can feel a greater nervousness: maybe this car can still surprise me. I switch the manettino to D, then I get into the roudabout very fast, steering suddenly with a sharp lift off the throttle to have the car pointing and ... miracle! A hint of oversteer, even if fully recoverable: the tail is swinging a bit. Usually that does not happen on the others Giulietta. That oversteer thing gets me excited and almost persades me this Giulietta is more peculiar then the others I tested in these months.
I continue down the long straight in search of new adventures.

During a stop at a traffic light, I realize how frantic is the Giulietta with the manettino in D: the throttle becomes too sensitive, the engine response turns hard to balance in the traffic. And if you push the pedal to the metal the steering begins to give reactions and becomes somohow vague. It seams that the torque is troubling the front wheels too much.

But that's okay, perhaps it's part of the game ...

I feel fit and ready: so far I've just played, it's time for serious driving. A synthetic voice comes out from the telemetry software : "the temperatures of the fluids have reached the optimum value." Well, it's the sign that I was expecting. I insist even more on the throttle and reach higher revs up to the limiter at 6000 rpm: every gearchange at high rpm is accompanied by a muffled "Sciuff" from the dump valve, a small symphony.

The sound of a sports car ... so important for a car enthusiast. And in a night drive the sound of the engine is the king of all senses. In a night mission the driver (shall we call him pilot? Ok....), the pilot is not distracted by the traffic and thousands of details made visible daylight; at night the pilot should be completely concentrated on the behavior of its car: revs, gauges, steering feel, engine noises. The Giulietta Qv is not lavish concerning soundtrack. At idle the engine offers you an unpleasant sound full of clackings and anonymous noises, at mid-range the sound of a vacuum cleaner. In the high part of the rev counter a certain rumble from the exhaust and a blow from the turbo topped by puffs from valves and actuators. Why Alfa did not employ the same composer of 500 Abarth symphony?

Time has come to test the performance of the Quadrifoglio in straight line.This engine delivers and the constant thrust at any revs makes quick any pickups. No doubts about the power of this car and it's clear how easily you can pass the other vehicles. This motor delivers in one smooth, strong shove that moves the Giulietta along with urgency. But it is exactly this homogeneity that cancels the excitement given by that old kick in the back of the first generation turbos.
A turbo without the turbo kick, a fast atmospheric engine without high revs sprint, a turbodiesel that guzzles so much: who is this Giulietta at last ?

Now, after several hours of driving, I stop for a coffee at McDonald's: it's 3 o'clock in the night, no one else but me. I speed away heading back to the hilly roads I already miss. The street lamps are giving way to the Xenon headlights of my Qv, remarkable for their power and depth.

In tight driving conditions the Qv always rewards you thanks to the availability of the engine and to its electronic differential that gives you that feeling, maybe artificial, to cancel the understeer. It's difficult to overwhelm the front end even with bold driving. Few cars I have been testing turned to be so fast and, at the same time, so safe on this challenging grounds: in fact a rear-wheel drive car makes you worry for sudden oversteer in a blind bend, while a front-wheel drive bores you with chronic understeer. Here you can enjoy a good balance that eliminates both problems, always with the assistance of a fantastic Esp never intrusive, never distracted. And speaking of safety, the brakes here are at the highest level, as their temperature should be at the highest level tonight: generous puffs of smoke are coming out from the front wheels after this fast session. An acrid and exciting smell fills the cabin.

I arrived at last. I got home. Moreover, the tank of the Giulietta is almost empty at the end of this test. I park this white protagonist keen to go and take a shower to wash away the smell of brake and clutch that sticks to my clothes. I really enjoyed tonight drive and I can' t stop thinking of the most exciting moments of the ride.

But, in the end, do I like this car ?

Yes, I liked it. Because I needed something fast after months of boring diesel engines.

I get it. But I'm asking again: do I like the Giulietta Qv ?

Yes and no. This car entertained me and allowed me to spend wonderful hours, but it never really excited. The engine is effective rather than emotive. I'm sure I've driven a fast car, very well balanced and with fantastic brakes but I think the whole experience is not exciting enough for a Quadrifoglio Verde.
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Alt 10.03.2013, 14:21
MiTobi MiTobi ist derzeit abgemeldet
alfisti.net Foren-Gast
Dabei seit: Sep 2009 - Wohnort: 12345 n/a
Alfa Romeo: Giulietta
AW: My test of Giulietta Quadrifoglio verde

A wonderful and emotional report of "a night out with Gulietta" and beautiful photos, too

I can totally copy your feelings. I know this very special feeling, maybe after an evening with friends, just to be in the mood not to drive straight home, but take some detour along small winding country roads with no other cars around. No opposing traffic, lights on high beam, engine is warm, and off I go Never as fast to bring me and my beautiful car in danger, but still fast enough to feel the g-forces, concentrated on a clean line through the corners.

Didn't do this for a long time, probably never with the Giulietta which I only own for a few months now. But as soon as the 18" wheels are put on it again, the Giulietta seems to be the perfect car for this purpose to me. Time to get back this feeling of driving just for the purpose of driving, not for the purpose of getting anywhere

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