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Alfa Romeo: Spider
Question about service in Germany from Russia.

Hello everybody!

My car is Spider 3,2, 2008 production.

Yesterday I started to think to find some Alfa service station in Germany.

The situation is follow...
I bought my car with 0 mileage from official dealer.
Now we don't have in Russia any official dealers.
This summer is my 4th season on Spider and some problems with roof mechanism appeared. When I'm putting down the roof this process sometimes stopping. Sometimes in the middle of the process, sometimes in the end.
I'm trying to solve this with the service station of our former official dealer, but, I think, it will not be successful. This is only one place with correct Examiner.

I think will be quite reasonable to make next summer some trip in Europe on my Spider with a part of this trip: to visit some good service station.

Could You recommend something?

Many thanks in advance!
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