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AW: Mehr Leistung, weniger Verbrauch – MultiAir-Motoren starten ab 5. September

MultiAir erlaubt im Gegensatz zur Valvetronic beliebige Ventilsteuerungsprofile. Im wesentlichen gibt es bei MultiAir folgende Modi:

Various strategies are used to optimize combustion efficiency, with remarkable benefits in terms of power, torque, fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Complete valve opening, Full Lift, the only current mode of conventional engines, is used by Multiair only when full engine power is required, for instance on motorways.
  • At engine start-up and idling, LIVO (Late Intake Valve Opening) determines a higher speed air intake, thereby optimizing the mixture formed and its combustion.
  • At medium-low rpm torques and engine partial load , EIVC (Early Intake Valve Closing) optimizes volume efficiency and reduces pumping losses: undesired back flow into the manifold is avoided and air mass trapped in the cylinder optimized.
  • Multiple valve opening or Multilift, at low loads or in idling, (city driving, queuing or stop & go mode) allows for an optimization of combustion control.

In cold start, the Multiair system optimizes air intake based on the external temperature with immediate engine start-up, guaranteed in any condition. Lower fuel consumption and more comfortable driving in heavy traffic are the additional benefits of the Multiair technology. In driving tests a very clear advantage observed is a higher torque and power with new thrilling driving performance and a better engine dynamic response.

In summary, Multiair optimizes intake air over the entire rpm range, with an ensuing reduction in fuel consumption, a 10% reduction of CO2 emissions, a 10% engine power increase as well as a 15% torque improvement.
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